Cherie began her singing career in 2005, gaining her confidence and stage presence at small events in her native East Yorkshire.

But she soon started to feel at home on the stage and her love of nostalgia was evident, never more was she delighted than when someone asked her to sing a song from yesteryear.

In 2008, being well known as one of the only singers in the region to specialise in songs from bygone decades, she was asked if she could learn 1940s songs for an anniversary party – the rest is history.

Researching the music of the 1940s soon became an obsession, it is something which remains true to this day and means she now has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the era.

It takes Cherie back to a time when she’d be listening to her Nanna’s music while she taught her to bake or watching war films and documentaries with her Grandad while her weekends were spent watching old Hollywood musicals recorded on Betamax.

But her love of music transcends the 1940s alone, with an equally obsessive love of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, Patsy Cline and other contemporaries attributed to her Mum.

Growing up, this love of nostalgia from across many years was complemented by her own music discovery, falling in love with the like of Kirsty MacColl, The Beautiful South and Deacon Blue to name but a few.

With a versatile but silky smooth voice, Cherie’s remarkable vocal range and capability lends itself to most styles of music – often having to rein in her exuberance and love of most music – to name a favourite would be extremely difficult.

A professionally trained singer, Cherie believes in not resting on her laurels and always keeps her voice in peak condition through continuous refinement and almost fanatical management of her vocal chords.

Although hugely respected and infinitely distinguished, Cherie still regularly attends singing lessons and is also studying for exams and works with the Maureen Hunter Singers – a choir from Hull which has performed for the Queen and the Pope.

With an aptitude for learning and developing, Cherie can learn whatever her audience so wish, with classical music easily learnt and delivered.

Usually a solo artist, Cherie is more than happy to sing with a band and is even in practice sessions to sing with the Humberside Police Orchestra for an RAF reunion.

For the personal touch at weddings, Cherie also offers a service to learn the happy couples’ First Dance song to really create a unique and truly fabulous highlight to an already exceptionally special day.