Friday 9th August 2013
Private event, Beverley. 7.30 pm

Sunday 11th August 2013
St Vincents.  Hull. 8.00 pm Mix of music.

Saturday 17th August 2013
VJ Day, Lincolnshire. 10.30 – 4.00pm. 40s

Saturday 17th August 2013
New Southcoates Club, Hull. 8.00pm. Mix of music.

Tuesday 20th August 2013
The Goodfellowship, Hull. Mix of music. Afternoon.

Saturday 24 August 2013
Bentley Colliery Cricketers Club. 8.00pm. Mix of music.

Sunday 25th August 2013
The Camerton, Thorngumbald. 1940s. 12 – 4.00pm

Saturday 31st August 2013
Cherry Burton. 7.30pm. Jazz.

Sunday 8th September 2013
Valley Gardens, Withernsea. 12.00pm. Last Night of The Proms.

Saturday 14th September 2013
Hull. 10.00am – 4.00pm 1940s.

Sunday 22nd September 2013
Private Event, Hull, Afternoon, 1940s.

Friday 27th September 2013
Lofthouse. Evening. 1940s.

Saturday 5th October 2013
Grimsby. 7.00pm. 1940s.

Friday 11th October 2013
Pickering. 7.00pm. 1940s.

Saturday 12th October 2013
Whitby. 7.00pm. 1940s.

Thursday 24th October 2013
Patrington. 7.00pm. 1940s.

Saturday 26th October 2013
Whitby. Evening. Mixed music.

Saturday 2nd November 2013
Scunthorpe. 10.00am – 4.00pm. 1940s

Saturday 9th November 2013
Leeds. 7.00pm. 1940s.

Sunday 10th November 2013
Remembrance Sunday, Hull, 1940s. 4.00pm

Tuesday 3rd December 2013
Private Dinner, Sheffield. Evening.

Friday 13th December 2013
Bradford. Mixed music. 8.00pm

Saturday 14th December 2013
Private Event.

Tuesday 31st December 2013 NYE
Knaresborough. Mixed music.


Sunday 12th January 2014
Hull. Evening. Mixed music.

Saturday 15th February 2014
Cave Castle. Valentines Evening. Mixed music.

Saturday 7th June 2014
Hove Edge. Evening. 1940s.

Sunday 6th July 2014
Beverley. Day and Evening. WWI.

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th July 2014
Hull. WWI.